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[hylafax-users] USR 5610B - "No response to PPS repeated 3 times."

> Hi List, 
> I need to send and receive large volumes of FAX traffic to perform tests on VOIP equipment.
> I'm trying to use a pair of USR 5610B modems in a (Ubuntu) Linux PC with HylaFAX (4.2.2) to create a test apparatus.
> My modems are configured as Class 1 devices. They don't seem to work reliably.
> I commonly see failures due to "No response to PPS repeated 3 times."
> I've also seen "COMREC invalid response received to PPS." and "COMREC invalid response received to EOR."
> I've tried a pair of MultiTech MT5634ZPX-PCI-U modems which seem to work just fine as Class 1.0
> Has anyone else had problems with USR 5610B modems?
> (FW version 5.22.70, which is the latest, as far as I can tell.)
> Should I throw the USR modems in the bin? 
> ./Loren

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